Frozen Shoulder/Tennis Elbow

Treatments for frozen shoulder in Thornton

Treating clients with frozen shoulder

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder, get in contact with Thornton Osteopathic Clinic Ltd for effective treatments. We commonly treat general aches and pains including back pain, neck pain, postural problems, sporting injuries, muscle and joint deterioration and restricted mobility. We offer osteopathic treatments for wrist, head, shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle injuries too. We serve clients in Poulton, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Bispham, and Lytham St Anne’s.

Help relieve your aches and pains

Tennis elbow is the swelling of the tendons that bend your wrist backward away from your palm. Symptoms may include pain, burning, or an ache along the outside of the forearm and elbow. You can count on us to treat tennis elbow efficiently. For an initial consultation, feel free to get in contact with us today.

Osteopathy treatment for frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common disorder that causes pain, stiffness, and loss of normal range of motion in the shoulder. People with frozen shoulder will experience pain around the shoulder joint, a loss of function/movement and a generalised feeling of stiffness in the surrounding muscles. At Thornton Osteopathic Clinic Ltd, we offer treatments to focus on decreasing the inflammation within the shoulder joint, improving shoulder mobility and decreasing muscular stiffness.

We can treat

  • Knee and hip tendons
  • Shoulder tendons
  • Tennis elbow

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